Best ayahuasca retreat in Peru

Best ayahuasca retreat in Peru

In the past decade, sacred medicine tourism has increased exponentially throughout the Peruvian Amazon. There are approximately twenty licensed operators offering Ayahuasca retreats in Peru and many more who are operating unlicensed.

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Integrating Ayahuasca

Integrating Ayahuasca

Many of us spend our lives collecting experiences. We jump from opportunity to task, to person to place collecting memories, stories and forging relationships. We are the best collectors, but we’re not necessarily apt integrators of our experiences.

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Noya Rao: Journeying with the mystical Tree of Light – AYA Healing Retreats

ayahuasca retreats in peruIn the Amazonian basin of Peru lives a type of tree called Noya Rao. And there’s only three of them- as far as the Mahua Shipibo people know, anyway. Its medicine has been used ceremonially in the Shipibo tradition for centuries.

Retreat Guru spoke to Elio Geusa, the founder and lead-facilitator at AYA Healing Retreats in Pucallpa, Peru, to learn more about the trees wisdom and mystery.

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Shamanism and Mental Health

Shamanism, Plant Medicine & the Western Paradigm of Mental Health

There are many forms of healing, whether it be healing of the physical body, addressing mental health, or healing a fragmented soul or spirit. But how do they connect and where do they cross over?