• Empowered indigenous communities whose sacred healing traditions and native lands are respected and revered by the Western world.
  • Reconnection of all who are willing with nature, The Amazon and the powerful spirits dwelling in sacred medicinal plants.
  • A community of courageous people who are empowered to embrace their shadow and create a more loving and authentic life for themselves and for those who are less fortunate.


  • Facilitate profound spiritual, emotional and physical healing through sacred plant medicine.
  • Provide expert education in shamanism and sacred plant medicine informed by the Shipibo tradition.
  • Empower our guests to connect deeply with their intuition and to build a life-long relationship with the spiritual realms.
  • Bridge the gap between indigenous Peruvian Shamanism and Western culture.
  • Provide an exclusive once in a life-time experience deep within the heart of the Amazon rainforest.


  • Love: For ourselves and for the environment
  • Compassion: For ourselves and others as we prepare to face our truth
  • Respect: For the ancient wisdom and sacred healing traditions of the peoples of the Amazon Basin
  • Commitment: To our healing journey and to the replanting and regeneration of native plant medicines
  • Transparency: With our guests and non-for profit partners
  • Gratitude: For the healing we experience, the opportunities we have in life and the generosity of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon
Papa Gilberto

– Above: Papa Gilbero from Pahoyan, Amazon Rainforest

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