Ayahuasca & Dieta Portugal

What does the Ayahuasca & Dieta in Portugal involve?

The Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dieta retreat in Portugal is similar and yet very unlike our standard retreats in Peru.  It is an 11-day immersive journey into the Shipibo’s tradition of the renowned Lopez family, a legendary family of Shipibo curanderos whose lineage stretches back hundreds of years. This unique retreat is located near the picturesque Tomar, Portugal, a tourist-friendly area rich in culture. The retreat will involve a Master Plant Dieta on the sacred Noya Rao tree, 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, workshops, lectures, personalized treatments, and much more. You will also have the opportunity to participate in one of one consultation with our Shipibo Shaman Don Miguel Lopez to seek spiritual guidance as you journey with the sacred plant medicines. 

The venue for your Ayahuasca Retreat in Portugal

Brejo Fundeiro sets in a tranquil location in the forested hills of Central Portugal, far away from the crowds, just 3 km from the beautiful ‘Castelo de Bode’  lake and 8 km from the small town of Cernache de Bonjardim. The center sits within a small valley surrounded by eucalyptus, pine, and cork oak trees and consists of a three-story, one-hundred-year-old manor house, yoga studio, saltwater swimming pool, barbecue area, courtyard, small fruit orchard, herb and vegetable gardens.

Brejo Fudairo homely boutique-style living accommodation in a Manor house and bedrooms with modern facilities in authentic surroundings.
There are seven boutique furnished bedrooms. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, with shower, washbasin, and toilet. Each room is individually styled with different color schemes and has features such as wood-paneled ceilings, wooden shutters, chandeliers, and wood floors on the 1st floor while tiled on the ground floor bedroom and bathroom. There are a number of ways in which you can relax during your stay with us.  You could just sit back and enjoy the natural scenery or chose to cool down in our saltwater swimming pool at the center, in the lake, or at the river beaches nearby.


Your Noya Rao Dieta MaestroShipibo course

At a very young age Don Miguel began his apprenticeship as a curandero through plant dietas under the supportive guidance of his grandfather. Miguel is also a trained literature professor and thoroughly enjoys teaching the Shipibo language and culture. Also known as Senen Yoi (meaning Speaking the Truth), uses a variety of plants to heal and treat ailments of many kinds – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. Read more about Don Miguel. >>

It is a privilege to have such an experienced, passionate wise elder to share his expertise as an extraordinary healer with integrity and great humor.

Noya Rao Dieta 

Noya Rao which is otherwise known as “The Tree of Life” or “Camino a la Verdad” – The Path of Truth is a mythical plant, of which there are only three in the entire Amazon Basin. has belonged to and been used in sacred ceremony by the Mahua Shipibo traditions for centuries. In the Shipibo tradition dieting on the bark of the Noya Rao is believed to be essential in the path towards becoming a healer. Noyararo is believed to enhance one’s connection and relationships to the spirits indwelling in other sacred plants and to facilitate profound transformation in the individual. Dieting on Noya Rao can lead to greater capacity for organised thought, clarity, highly activated intuitive capacities as well as helping to bring to light unconscious assumptions one may have about the world, leading the dietero to have the newfound courage necessary to change them.

What is included in the Ayahuasca & Dieta Retreat in Portugal?

  • 5 Sacred Medicine ceremonies
  • Your Noya Rao Dieta
  • Intention setting on the first day
  • Private consultations with our Shaman, Don Miguel Lopez
  • Sound Healing Journey
  • Plants and flowers baths
  • Intimate circle discussion, the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Dedicated integration group on the final day of our retreat
  • Guided Meditations and Movement 
  • Fascinating group lectures on the Shipibo’s traditions and Master Plants
  • Optional Art therapy workshop
  • Art materials for writing and drawing
  • Musical instruments
  • Accommodation at Brejo Fundeiro, Portugal
  • Support to organize transportation from/to Lisbon Airport, Portugal
  • 3 wholesome meals per day; 2 on the day of our ceremonies nights.

Your investment does not include:

  • Your personal accommodation in Portugal
  • Your airfares to and from Portugal and transportation to and from Lisbon
  • Your travel insurance
  • Your Schengen area visa (if necessary)
  • Personal expenses and meals whilst in Portugal

Am I expected to refrain from communicating via phone, text, and email for the duration of the retreat?

Yes. You are expected to refrain from using your mobile phone to text, call, email and access social media apps for the duration of the retreat. We encourage all participants to take care of all urgent matters prior to commencing their retreat. You will be expected to abstain from using your devices from the second day of retreat until the morning of the final day.


The role of our facilitators, who all have extensive experience in sacred plant medicines and various psychological and creative therapies is to support you to locate the courage you need to move through the difficulty. Their primary role is to ensure your wellbeing. Our facilitators will create a loving, compassionate space in which all participants feel safe, respected and free to express themselves authentically.

Elio Geusa

Elio Geusa

Lead Facilitator

Elio Geusa is the director of AYA Healing Retreats. He works in Peru helping to facilitate life-changing plant medicine experiences alongside Shipibo´s curanderos. He is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge on Master Plants, respecting traditional ways of knowing, interpreting and navigating plant medicine work and helping to re-awaken his guests to the innate intelligence and benevolence of the natural world. Read More >>

Kara Cura

Kara Cura

Facilitator, Sound Healer

Kara offers facilitation and ceremonies that are built with the participants and their own intention. Holding a light to their goals and journey, Kara brings her knowledges to the group, holding you with love, healing and humor, and with creative solutions and paradigms to help allow new information to integrate into your soul. Read More >>

July 12th – 22nd, 2021

July 27th – August 6th, 2021  

Early Bird Discount 150 EUR off if booked by 31 of January! 

2050 EUR Spacious Shared Double Room with ensuite bathroom

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