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In today´s world, we are accustomed to socializing, going out, and enjoying traveling, but the world has understood that it is time to pause, to stay at home and to take care of our loved ones and ourselves. We are making a considerable effort to adjust our programs and to monitor the global situation so we can ensure that it will be safe to resume our retreats in Peru.
We are also working on creating online classes and free courses for you to enjoy from the safety of your home.

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Online Courses

As Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca facilitators, we have an ethical duty of both responsibility and care to the participant’s health and wellbeing, both before, during, and after the ceremonial experience. In doing so, it is fundamental to upskill and to learn the best practices.


September 3 - 13Noya Rao Remote DietaDon Miguel$890FULLLearn MoreClosed
December 3 - 13Noya Rao Remote DietaDon Miguel$890OPENLearn MoreApply Now!
January 22 - 24, 2021From Plant to Spirit, Introduction to Shipibo WisdomDon Miguel$295OPENLearn MoreGet Ticket!
March 12 - 15, 2021Module 1: The Foundations of Trauma and Working in CeremonyAtira Tan$495OPENLearn MoreGet Ticket!
May 1 - 2, 2021Module 2: Pre-Ceremony Screening, Assessments and PreparationAtira Tan$295OPENLearn MoreGet Ticket!
May 29 - 30, 2021Module 3: Post Ceremony and IntegrationAtira Tan$295OPENLearn MoreGet Ticket!
All the above datesTrauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Online TrainingAtira Tan$895OPENLearn MoreGet Ticket!

Retreats and Plant Dieta

A life-altering opportunity to connect directly with the shamanic healing traditions of the Amazon region and our retreats are guaranteed to catalyze profound spiritual transformation and a return to wholeness for those courageous enough to immerse themselves in the process.


DatesProgramMaestroPriceAvailability InfoRegister
June 15- Jul. 5, 2021Women Retreat: Empowering the Divine Feminine Maestra Juana$36506Learn MoreApply Now!
September 18-29, 2021Healing Trauma Somatic Experiencing & Ayahuasca Retreat Maestra Juana€2150Granada, SpainLearn MoreApply Now!
2021 Dates coming soon!Ayahuasca Healing & Master Plant DietaDon Miguel$1650OpenLearn MorePre-Booking!
2021 Dates coming soon!Noya Rao Silent RetreatMaestra Juana$1750OpenLearn MorePre-Booking!


Train under the Shipibo Linage and complete a traditional Master Plant Dieta. It is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of plant healing while receiving guidance from a renowned Shaman of Peru.


DatesProgramMaestroPriceAvailability InfoRegister
2021 Dates coming soon!Shamanic Initiation Intensive DietaDon Miguel$3800OpenLearn MorePre-Booking!
The application that you are required to complete before being accepted for a place on retreat is quite extensive. The application is an essential part of your healing journey and we like to say that your journey begins the moment you write and submit your application to us. The application process will help you to clarify your intentions and give you an opportunity to think long and hard about whether sacred plant medicine is a healing modality that you are authentically being called to now in your life. Please note that you are not required to submit payment with your application; we will request this from you should you pass the screening process and be accepted for a place on retreat. Upon being accepted and your place confirmed, you will be required to submit a 50% deposit to us. You are welcome to pay the investment fee upfront once accepted, or you can complete your payments in installments, at least 2 weeks prior to the estimated start date. We encourage you not to book flights until your booking has been confirmed and your deposit payed and received by us. Unfortunately, we are not liable for any flight costs that you may incur should you not be accepted to participate.

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Shamanism and Mental Health

Shamanism, Plant Medicine & the Western Paradigm of Mental Health

There are many forms of healing, whether it be healing of the physical body, addressing mental health, or healing a fragmented soul or spirit. But how do they connect and where do they cross over?