Aya Gender & Sexual Diversity Retreat

Welcome to the Aya Gender and Sexual Diversity Retreat

Welcome to the Aya Gender and Sexual Diversity Retreat! Our purpose for the retreat is to create a safer space for gender and sexually diverse (GSD) people to experience, share, and integrate Ayahuasca medicine experiences. We aim to provide an empowering space for GSD people that supports them before, during, and after their experiences.

The retreat is designed by Ayahuasca Gender and Sexual Diversity (AyaGSD), an organization whose mission is to support and promote safer spaces for GSD to integrate and experience Ayahuasca through retreats and ceremonies, research, and education and support. Learn more about AyaGSD and sign up for updates at www.ayagsd.com

The retreat will begin Wednesday, June 10 and close the afternoon of Saturday, June 20. The retreat is held in Pucallpa, Peru, at the Sui Sui Retreat Center. Below is a retreat schedule outline. The schedule is likely to change to adapt to the needs of the participants.

Why have a GSD only retreat?

GSD people experience challenges in navigating daily life, let along trying to navigate before, during, and after Ayahuasca ceremonies. Biases, prejudice, real and perceived stigma, and discrimination keep GSD people from participating and/or integrating fully in psychedelic medicine spaces. At the AyaGSD Retreat, participants will be able to freely identify themselves and be seen, heard, and experienced for who they truly are. We believe that by creating this space, participants will be able to go deeper into the medicine, into themselves, and more easily integrate lessons into their daily lives.


The AyaGSD retreat is that space in between, a space where you are fully supported with where and who you are. ”

How we are preparing for you?

AyaGSD will design training specifically for retreat center staff to sensitize and educate them on gender and sexual diversity. The training will include modules on gender, sexuality, communication, and understanding the lived experiences of gender and sexually diverse people. The training will incorporate local GSD people and be in Spanish. AyaGSD and Aya Healing Retreats are partnering with Alianza Arkana [https://alianzaarkana.org/], a grassroots organization that supports Shipobo communities in the Pucallpa region. Alianza Arkana has expressed enthusiasm for this partnership and will integrate the education from the training into their programs.

AyaGSD has revised the intake forms for sensitivity and inclusion and is continuing to revise processes and procedures to ensure everyone feels welcome, seen, and heard.


Shamanic Initiation Peru

Your Aya GSD Maestro

Maestro Don Miguel also known as Senen Yoi (meaning Speaking the Truth), uses a variety of plants to heal and treat ailments of many kinds – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. He is available for private consultations, if you choose, at the retreat.
Learn more About Don Miguel Here >>

gender and sexual diversity

Bobinsana, Master Plant Dieta

Known as Calliandra Angustifolia, this plant grows between 4 and 6 meters high and produces bright pink starburst flowers. Bobinsana has been used for thousands of years by the people of the Peruvian Amazon to heal wounds of the heart, gifting the dietero with a greater capacity to feel love and empathy. Bobinsana can also help us to create strong boundaries around the dominant and oppressive energies of others and unlock the river of creativity within ourselves. 

Who is the retreat for?

“Gender and sexually diverse” is a broad term that encompasses those who do not identify as the cisgender and/or heterosexual dominant culture. This could include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. The GSD term also includes other non-Western identities like the Native American and First Nation Two-Spirit people. We strive to be inclusive of respectful and inclusive of other indigenous, pre-colonialist, and non-Western identities, and GSD helps us to do that.


What is included in the Aya GSD?

  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Your Bobinsana Dieta
  • One private pre-retreat Skype session
  • Yoga classes 
  • Guided meditation
  • Daily support with intention setting and integration
  • Art materials for writing and drawing
  • Musical instruments
  • Private consultations with our curandero, Don Miguel
  • Plants baths
  • Dedicated integration groups
  • Expert lectures about Master Plant Dieta and Shipibo’s traditions
  • One private follow-up integration sessions via Skype
  • Intimacy of a small group of 12 people
  • 3 wholesome meals per day; 2 on the day of our Ayahusaca ceremonies



The role of our facilitators, who all have extensive experience in sacred plant medicines and various psychological and creative therapies is to support you to locate the courage you need to move through the difficulty. Their primary role is to ensure your wellbeing. Our facilitators will create a loving, compassionate space in which all participants feel safe, respected and free to express themselves authentically.

Dee Adams

Dee Adams

Lead Facilitator

Designed and led by Dee Adams, a transgender woman, and plant medicine facilitator. She has a passion for supporting gender and sexually diverse people before, during, and after ceremonial work. Read More >>

Anna Keppen

Anna Keppen


Anna was born in the United States and is currently based in the Andes of Southern Peru where she supports AYA Healing Retreats in ceremony facilitation and coordination. Read More >>

Post Retreat Support

Following your Aya GSD Retreat, you will receive one individual 1 hour support session with our integration specialist. The session will be scheduled at 1 month post retreat will be delivered by Dee Adams. These sessions will offer you the opportunity to discuss your sacred medicine experiences, including any visions you may have witnessed and to work through tangible solutions to any real-world problems you are facing that are preventing you from fully integrating this work.

Ready to journey with us?

Ask us questions about what to expect on retreat, book a free Skype session, start your medical screening questionnaire and get set to be profoundly changed.

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