Sacred plant medicine is a tool for realising profound spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

These traditional medicines are gifts;

   gifts that over centuries have been cultivated and used by the indigenous tribespeople of the Amazon Basin 

to transform lives.

As the direct recipients of this healing it is our social and personal responsibility to ensure that we use our new-found knowledge, wellness and transformation for good. 

A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple that comes back to us .




Who we give back to

AYA Healing Retreats is committed to creating a more compassionate, safe and equal world. Which is why we are donating 10 percent of the profits of our sacred medicine retreat to two extraordinary humanitarian projects.

Art to Healing

Art to Healing is an Australian charity that is dedicated to transforming the lives of women and girls who have suffered unimaginable trauma through sex slavery, torture, abuse and exploitation throughout Asia and The Pacific. Art to Healing is a community of volunteers, founded and directed by Expressive Art Therapist and yoga teacher Atria Tan. Art to Healing deliver numerous trauma recovery, art therapy, counseling, yoga, mindfulness, reproductive health workshops and peer to peer leadership initiatives for women and children in Asia who have experienced sex slavery. Art to Healing is committed to creating a world where every woman can lead a life free from abuse, harm and injustice.

Learn more about Art to Healing.

Alianza Arkana

Alianza Arkana is a grassroots non-government organisation (NGO) that supports regenerative projects in the Peruvian Amazon that enhance the wellbeing of both the Amazon and its indigenous people.  Alianza Arkana work primarily with rural and urban Shipibo people who, due to mass deforestation, marginalisation and discrimination face increasing hardship and the devastation of their homelands. Each project that Alianza Arkana embarks on is guided and led by the needs of the local Shipibo community. This has a twofold benefit. Firstly the Shipibo people are involved in making decisions about what’s best for their collective community, and secondly, they are active leaders in realising the changes they wish to see, which enables them to benefit financially from the projects. Some of the key projects that Alianza Arkana has committed to include improvements in sanitation and the quality of community drinking water, scholarships that support Shipibo youth to go to university and advocating for indigenous rights and environmental justice by strengthening indigenous federations and collectives.

Learn more about Alianza Arkana.

Our commitment to transparency

AYA Healing Retreats is committed to being 100% transparent with our community. We will regularly update all participants of our retreats on how their contributions are being used to effect genuine changes in the lives those our partner NGO’s support.

We will also visit, monitor and report back on the impact our donations are making.

Our Alliances

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