Icaros are sacred songs which are used for healing purposes by the curanderos of the Amazonian basin. 

Ayahuasca Icaros have traditionally been used to support communication with spirits and ancestors and to call in strength, guidance, healing and protection.

Curandero’s learn different Icaros’ to evoke different effects from their masters and many of these sacred songs are kept secret, known only by the curandero who will whistle the tune, whilst keeping the lyrics to himself. Icaros for many indigenous tribes native to the Amazon are integral to their spiritual traditions and the wellbeing of their communities.

How are Icaros’ used?

During our Ayahuasca ceremonies, Icaros’ will be used to deepen our connection with the spirits and ancestors of the land and to invite in the life-changing healing potential of the sacred plant medicines into our bodies, hearts and minds.

The Icaros’ that are recited throughout the Ayahuasca ceremonies can also support us in navigating what may be an unfamiliar experience of altered consciousness. The Ayahuasca Icaros’ help us to stay grounded and provide us with the courage we need to face our deepest fears.

Our remarkable curandero, Don Miguel will teach us about the significance of many of the Icaros’ that will be used throughout the sacred plant medicine ceremonies. This knowledge will be vital in helping us to access our greatest potential and realise deep healing and transformation.

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