Noya Rao Voice of Light

What does the Noya Rao Voice of Light involve?

In this unique Ayahuasca retreat, you will be offered the opportunity to open and connect to your voice within the context of the Noya Rao Dieta and with Ayahuasca in ceremony. With the support of a renowned musician and vocal artist, our voices will be used in songs and in the exploration of sound and vibration.

Too many of us have been made to believe that our voices aren’t good enough and that we shouldn’t sing.
This is your opportunity to release old beliefs about your voice and to mindfully and heartfully move through the fear that tightens and restricts.

Why Voice of Light?

In the West, many of us are conditioned to believe that we cannot sing unless we’re a singer. We might recall being encouraged to sing as children, only later be told as teenagers and adults that we can’t and shouldn’t sing. The want to express ourselves through song may be compelling, but the shame we feel for not being particularly “good” can override our ability to express ourselves authentically. Which is disheartening given song is one of the most powerful and decidedly simple means to transmute old ways of being and connect with Spirit.

In the Shipibo culture, the practice of dieting with Master Plants requires that we become attuned and receptive to a common language shared between ourselves and the plants: song. Song forms a kind of energetic alliance whereby over time, the spirit of a plant will gift the student with a melody. This melody becomes the means through which the student connects with the plant spirit. Gratitude, love, appreciation and requests for guidance and wisdom all come to be expressed by the student through song. This unique melodic friendship is at the heart of the Shipibo tradition.

To support you in preparing to form your own unique friendship through song with a plant spirit, we will provide daily classes in breathwork and chanting. We will also guide you through exercises to loosen and warm up the vocal cords as we explore improvisation together. No prior singing experience is necessary to participate.

Your Noya Rao Retreat Maestra

Maestra Juana will be your facilitator for the Noya Rao Dieta. Juana is 60 years old and was born into one of the most respected and powerful healing lineages of the Shipibo tradition. She has dedicated her life to the sacred healing traditions of her people and has been studying as a Maestra for more than 30 years. She has dieted extensively on Noya Rao and has expert knowledge of the body and the processes one undergoes when dieting on this mythical master plant.

Maestra Juana is also a bone doctor and specializes in massage and bone setting. She will be available to provide participants with a rare opportunity to receive a bone massage whilst on retreat.

It is a privilege to have such an experienced, passionate wise elder to share her expertise and childlike sense of aliveness with us on retreat.

Noya Rao and Sound

Noya Rao which is otherwise known as “The Tree of Light” or “Camino a la Verdad” – The Path of Truth is a mythical plant, of which there are only three in the entire Amazon Basin. Noya Rao has belonged to and been used in sacred ceremony by the Mahua Shipibo traditions for centuries. Noya Rao is known for its capacity to activate intuition in the dietero(a), promote mental clarity and to increase one’s capacity for organized thought. Coupling a Master Plant Dieta with singing heightens Noya Rao’s capacity to promote profound healing and to reveal important insights to the dietero (a). Learn More about Noya Rao >> 

Will there be time to share?

Yes. Whilst on retreat, you will be able to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the AYA Healing Retreats facilitators and the other retreat participants when we have dedicated circle discussion the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony. These circle discussions are invaluable in helping you to process your experiences of Ayahuasca and Noya Rao. We therefore strongly encourage all participants to attend and to share honestly.
There will also be dedicated time set aside on each day of the retreat for you to speak individually with one of our experienced facilitators. It’s important to note that this is not a therapy session, but rather an opportunity for you to talk through your experience of the sacred plant medicines. We find that these sessions often help participants to gain the clarity necessary to recognize what needs to be let go of and the courage to leave behind what’s no longer serving them.

Am I expected to refrain from communicating via phone, text, and email for the duration of the retreat?

Yes. You are expected to refrain from using your mobile phone to text, call, email and access social media apps for the duration of the retreat. We encourage all participants to take care of all urgent matters prior to commencing their retreat. You will be expected to abstain from using your devices from the second day of retreat until the morning of the final day.

Lindsey Wise

Lindsey Wise

Vocal Awakening Guide

Join Lindsey Wise to awaken the power of your voice and unlock the magic of voices united in harmony. Lindsey has spent the last decade gathering people from all over the world to sing healing medicine songs and mantras. She uses music and movement to break down the emotional and energetic barriers.

What is included in the Noya Rao Voice of Light?

  • 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Your Noya Rao Dieta
  • Daily vocals classes and chanting 
  • Intention setting on the first day
  • Private consultations with our curandera, Maestra Juana
  • Powerful bone massage
  • Plants baths
  • Intimate circle discussion, the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Dedicated integration group on the final day of our retreat
  • One private follow-up integration sessions via Skype
  • Art materials for writing and drawing
  • Intimacy of a small group of 12 people
  • 3 wholesome meals per day; 2 on the day of our Ayahusaca ceremonies








Post Retreat Support

Following your Noya Rao Voice retreat, you will receive one individual 1 hour support session with our integration specialist.

The sessions will be scheduled at 1 month post retreat will be delivered by Atira Tan (MA Art Therapy Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, SEP). Atira has over 13 years’ experience working in trauma recovery and is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of sacred plant medicines. In your integration sessions, you can expect to be listened to with compassion by a dedicated professional that has experienced sacred plant medicine herself. Atira will guide you using Somatic ExperiencingTM principles, helping you to locate within you the resources and wisdom needed to preserve with your healing journey. These sessions will offer you the opportunity to discuss your sacred medicine experiences, including any visions you may have witnessed and to work through tangible solutions to any real-world problems you are facing that are preventing you from fully integrating this work.

Ready to journey with us?

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