Online Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Training Program

Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Online Training

With Atira Tan, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, M.A. and #1 best selling author

MODULE 1: February 18th – 21st, 2022

MODULE 2: March 12th – 13th, 2022

MODULE 3: April 2nd – 3rd, 2022

Online Virtual Training Series

Working with the sacred plant medicines (PM) and Ayahuasca can present with enormous psycho-spiritual challenges. Many come to heal and process traumatic experiences through the plant medicines, however, very few plant medicine facilitators, support workers, and integration therapists have training in the foundation and neuroscience of trauma approaches, and most do not know how to respond effectively to the various trauma imprints that arise before, during and after the ceremonial space.

Plant medicines have an enormous power to activate body, psyche, and spirit, releasing that which has been trapped in the unconscious into the light of awareness. However, this often happens ceremonial space in a way that happens too fast or too intensely, and repercussions could be re-traumatizing and even damaging. It requires a great deal of courage, experience, and bravery to navigate skillfully through the process, and, unfortunately, many are trauma survivors who do not have the inner resilience or the skills to do so. Similarly, Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca facilitators can also feel overwhelmed with a lack of resources and a grounded understanding of what to do when various trauma imprints arise, which could be harmful and neglectful to participants.

Why Attend?

As Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca facilitators, we have an ethical duty of both responsibility and care to the participant’s health and wellbeing, both before, during, and after the ceremonial experience. In doing so, it is fundamental to upskill our understanding of trauma and the nervous system, and learning the best practices to respond effectively to the signs and symptoms of trauma when it arises.

The 8-day Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Program will be conducted in three modules which can be purchased as a package or separately. Participants who finish the entire program will be presented with a certificate by AYA Healing Retreats. Are you ready to take the Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Online Program and change lives?

Who is the Online Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Training Program for?

This workshop is for individuals who are interested in or are currently facilitating healing spaces with the sacred indigenous and plant medicines. This may include Ayahuasca, Bufo, Kambo, Ibogaine, Wachuma, and Psilocybin. Individuals who are currently working, or interested in plant medicine integration work, as well as facilitation assistants, will also benefit from this workshop.

Full Price of the Three Modules: $895
Limited Space – Only 30 Students per Module.

Module 1: The Foundations of Trauma and Working in Ceremony

4 Day online workshop (26 Hours)
February 18th – 21st, 2022
12 pm – 6 pm CEST (Times subject to change)

Cost: $495

  • Overview of Trauma and the Nervous System, and Polyvagal theory.
  • Different types of Trauma show up frequently: Physical, emotional & sexual abuse and violence, perinatal/ birth trauma, attachment trauma, developmental trauma, and medical trauma.
  • The Shamanic Paradigm vs Western Contemporary Paradigms of Trauma Recovery.
  • Soul Loss and Disassociation
  • Identifying the signs of different types of trauma.
  • Tools on how to respond effectively to each category of trauma.
  • The body is key: How to listen and support the intelligence of the body to resolve trauma in ceremonial space.
  • Self-Regulation and Co-regulation.
  • Safety, Resourcing, and Grounding.
  • Trauma-Informed Language, tone, and body language.
  • Using Touch as a resource:: Consent and Boundaries, different forms of touch, 3 areas of the body for touch work. 
  • Your role as facilitator: Before, During, and After.

The ONLINE Format Includes:

* 5 recorded video sessions which you will get to keep.
* 18 hours of big group conferencing on the 12th – 15th of March 2021 (12 – 14th March: 5 hours/ day. 15th March: 3 hours/day). The Live Zoom workshops will be recorded and you have lifetime access.
* Your PDF manual.
* 1 x 90 min small group private online session with Atira. Groups are limited to 4 per group. These small group sessions provide the opportunity for deeper Q & A and supervision. 
* 1 x 30 mins individual session. (not compulsory)



Module 2: Pre-Ceremony Screening, Assessments and Preparation

2 Day online workshop (15.5 Hours)
March 12th – 13th, 2022 
12 pm – 6 pm CEST (Times subject to change)

Cost: $295 

    • TIPM Screening and Assessment: The Principles
    • TIPM Flow Chart: The Process
    • TIPM Written Application: Assessing the Participant
    • Reading the Written Application
    • Medical Screening Template for participants in Ayahuasca Sessions & Retreats
    • Choosing the applicant from a Trauma-Informed Lens
    • TIPM Interview: Getting to know the Applicant
    • Trauma-Informed PM Interview: Building the Relationship
    • Trauma-Informed Language: Social Engagement
    • Decision Making: Is this person the right fit for PM?
    • TIPM Preparation: Intention Setting
    • Intention Setting: A Somatic Approach

The ONLINE Format Includes:

* 2 recorded video sessions which you will get to keep.
* 10 hours of big group conferencing on the 1 & 2 May 2021. The Live Zoom workshops will be recorded and you have lifetime access.
* Your PDF manual.

Pre-requisite for Mod 2 is the completion of Mod 1

Module 3: Post Ceremony and Integration

2 Day online workshop (15.5 Hours)
April 2nd – 3rd, 2022 
12 pm – 6 pm CEST (Times subject to change)

Cost: $295 

  • An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Integration
  • The Hero’s Journey: An Application to Trauma-Informed Integration
  • Trauma-Informed Integration: The Objectives and Goals
  • Trauma-Informed Post-Ceremony
  • Aspects of Self for Integration
  • Trauma-Informed Integration: The Categories
  • Trauma-Informed Integration: The Process
  • Trauma-Informed Somatic Integration: An Introduction
  • Useful Tips and Tools for Integration
  • Integration Document

The ONLINE Format Includes:

* 2 recorded 1-hr video sessions which you will get to keep.
* 10 hours of big group conferencing on the 29 & 30 May 2021. The Live Zoom workshops will be recorded and you have lifetime access.
* Your PDF manual.

Pre-requisite for Mod 2 is the completion of Mod 1

Your Facilitator during the Workshop, Atira Tan

Ayahuasca facilitation Course
Atira is a powerful agent of transformation and change. She has touched the lives of thousands of women, men, and children around the world, supporting them through her 15 years of experience in various somatic and creative trauma recovery approaches. Passionate about creating safer spaces for everybody, and bringing healing and awareness in the “shadowy” arenas of life, Atira has worked as a trauma-informed integration specialist in retreats centers such as the Temple of the Way of Light and is currently the head of integration at AYA Healing Retreats. Atira has mapped the trauma recovery of hundreds of PM participants in her private practice as an integration specialist and facilitates Trauma-informed and Somatic Experiencing Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. She possesses an MA in Art Therapy, has a background in Transpersonal Art Therapy and Holistic Counselling, and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, amongst decades of training in many trauma-informed approaches such as EMDR. Atira has also worked for over a decade internationally in community organizations and international development as a consultant, clinician, and supervisor, as well as an educator in community settings. Read more about Atira Tan >>

What a life changing experience.The Training is a true treasure of knowledge and wisdom and shared with a caring and loving presence. The depth of insights into a variety of tools to create safer spaces is the most i have ever experienced in any training. But besides the theoretical teachings, what touched me the most was how space was held and naturally became the soil for our personal softening into the journey. And with that we were able to truly experience the effect of a teacher who fully embodies what she teaches. And that is a priceless gift i will benefit from for the rest of my life.

– Florianne Wohlfahrt
Psychologist, Trauma Informed Life and Integration Coach, Germany.

Wow!! Thank you so much Atira!!!!! I just want to say thank you for holding space for such an incredible informational experience in this Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Workshop. I feel that I have SO many resources now to draw upon now. You are filled with experience and hold such a beautiful. vibrant energy that is powerful, but also open and level with the people you work with in such a way that it is easy to feel safe, and seen in your presence! True magic!

– Molly Moon
Grandmother Facilitator, Isreal.

This TIPM workshop’s deep dive into the realms of living impeccable service was nothing short of life changing.

I remembered so much about the nervous system, about my life, about my purpose, about the bridges between paradigms and the collective trauma on the Earth. I was deeply warmed, inspired, challenged and excited by the entire experience.

Atira transmits genuine, care, curiosity, understanding and expertise. She is devoted to providing safe spaces for people to heal and her life’s work is testimony to her wisdom and character.

If you’re curious to learn about the nature of trauma and how to access and support its healing potential, this body of work is well worth opening your heart and mind to.

– Melanie Gunn
Naturopath and Transpersonal Art Therapist, Australia

As someone who has supported hundreds of individuals through deep-immersion plant medicine healing I always felt there was a missing piece in my skill set. While the traditional shamanic lens is profoundly powerful, my role as a facilitator is largely about building a bridge between the worlds of our foreign patients and the indigenous healing modalities they are participating in.

This trauma-informed plant medicine facilitation course has put language and science to the most important aspects of my work in ways I never could. I feel it empowered me to create safer, more integrated, and more compassionate healing containers for myself, the healers I work with and of course our patients. I now feel that anyone working to facilitate healing of any kind should be trauma informed as a foundational part of their approach. In fact, as we face the mounting challenges of todays world, I feel we can’t afford not to be.

Lara Charlotte
Co-Founder at The Garden of Peace, Ayahuasca and Master Plant Healing Centre, Peru.

I’m super grateful for this unique program. Atira’s extensive knowledge on the subject of trauma and working within the PM context has been immensely beneficial. I’ve gained a deeper sense of how to hold the container of healing, which in turns open doors for journeyers to be met with more compassion, understanding and safety to move through their process.

This program is essential for anyone supporting or facilitating PM ceremonies and the process of preparation and integration.

– Simone McKay
Somah Journeys Founder, Canada

I just came out of the 1st Trauma-informed Plant Medicine Facilitation online training with Atira Tan from Aya Healing Retreats and wow!!

I cannot recommend this training enough for anyone working in the PM space – whether you are pouring medicine, a supporter/facilitator, a pre or post-ceremonial integration specialist, or even a student of the plants.

In fact, I feel that this should be a basic foundational training (alongside 1st Aid) for all healers and support staff.

As the medicine continues to gain momentum in its spread across the globe- we are beginning to see and hear more and more stories of harm from its unskilful use, the lack of quality screening and preparation beforehand, the lack of integration support afterwards and/or the limited understanding of trauma activation and re-traumatisation during retreats and ceremonies.

I feel that, in addition to traditional training, this community would benefit hugely from having facilitators and spaces rooted in a basic understanding of the nervous system and how to work skillfully with trauma survivors (and of course, how to work with our own trauma when it shows up in these spaces).

I personally feel that Atira is an excellent bridge and guide into the intersectional realms of plant medicine and trauma therapy.

– Skye Cielita Flor
Wilderness Therapist, South Africa

My mind and heart are in deep amazement and gratitude as I apply all that I learned in the Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine workshop. Now more than ever, the world is in need of people who have the ability to listen and hold open space, as the entire human population is currently undergoing a traumatic event. This course is filled with gems of how to meet and support those who are intensely impacted by trauma at any stage of life. I highly recommend this course/workshop, not only to those who are interested in the relationship between trauma and plant medicine but anyone who is curious about understanding human relational patterns to self and society.

Atira shares in-depth knowledge and expertise of trauma studies while offering takeaways that are applicable for ceremonies, friendships, and even for common conversations during the COVID time. Atira and Elio’s work is much needed in the world.

– Betty Gottwald
Photographer & Kambo Facilitator, USA.

If you are ready to engage in serious trauma healing work, Atira is the practitioner to go for. Her own genuine humanness consistently lived and embodied, and her outstandingly compassionate nature create a strong and safe therapeutic container that cannot be surpassed. After a search for decades for the right trauma therapist, all thumbs up for her, as the healing and transformation, I’ve been looking for has finally become real!

– Jessica Bertram
Eco-Tour Guide, Germany.

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